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Alarm: 16700 (1)Antennas: 16700 (0)Audio-visual surveillance: 16700 (90)
Audio-visual: 16700 (3)Cable network: 16700 (1)Cellular phones and pagers: 16700 (0)
Communications: 16700 (91)Electronics: 16700 (91)Intercom systems: 16700 (0)
Optic fibers: 16700 (1)Pagers and Cellular phones: 16700 (0)Sight and sound( Television, sound system): 16700 (90)
Sirens and warning alarm: 16700 (89)Surveillance camera: 16700 (4) 

Surveliance systemes.
Terrebonne (Quebec) J6X 4J8
TEL. 450-325-1990
Sales, service and installation of mobile automatic et fix satellite dish for the internet and IP phone. coverage CANADA, USA, MEXICO.For mobile offices, emergency vehicule,Construction compagny, mining compagny.
3225 Chemin de l'industrie Saint-Mathieu-de-Beloeil (Quebec) J3G 4S5
FAX. 450-464-8316
TEL. 450-464-4685
The World Leader in Fog Security BANDIT Neutralizes instantly! Stops Intruders, Theft & Agression Ideal Protection Against Home Invasion Completely Safe & Trace-free BANDIT is the most effective fogger on the market The FASTEST security fogging system available, fog being emitted at a staggering rate of 28 cubic metes per second providing TOTAL room protection in seconds unlike the competition which can take up to 8 times longer. Why install a BANDIT? · Traditional security products, being strong deterrents, in most cases do not stop your assets from being stolen · It takes time for authorities to respond to an alarm activation, burglars use this time as their 'window of opportunity' to steal valuables, trash premises and then get clean away! · The BANDIT removes this 'window of opportunity' because "What can't be seen, can't be stolen
20292 rue Charles Mirabel (Quebec) J7J 1P1
TEL. 1-866-644-0909
1890 25th Side Road Thunder Bay (Ontario) P7K 1L3
TEL. 807-632-2787
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Répertoire dentreprises pour antenne, surveillance caméra ou en vidéo surveillance.