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art of Living strives to transform your spaces into elegantly designed and well-organized surroundings, perfect for you. With a sense of finesse, creativity and compassion art of Living helps you achieve your lifestyle goals, that best fit your needs. art of living incorporates unique decorating ideas incorporating Feng Shui elements for bedroom, living room, wealth area and health area. Decorating a home with Feng Shui elements helps to align the energy to be more beneficial to the home owner.
149 - 9, Valley Woods road Toronto (Ontario) M3B 0A3
TEL. 416 629 2040
Decoraport is an online platform specialized in everything for your home including home decoration materials, home & garden, furniture, appliances, sports & outdoor…in Canada and the Unite States. Decoraport is also building the complete system warehouse, delivery, showroom… for supporting its fast growth and perfect service for customers. Decoraport’s mission is to collect featured and high-quality products and makers all over the world and they can sell and deliver directly to your home in the lowest cost via our system. E-commerce is a revolution… 1. Price: You Buy Directly From Global Manufacturer All products are procured or provided directly from the manufacturer, and some products from the hot assembly line. Online cost is absolutely lower than the store. We can guarantee our price lowest in the market and we reward your price challenge. 2. Feature: We Search Featured Products For You We collect featured products and makers all over the world; We hope you can refresh your home with our featured products. We believe you can find something you never see. Explore our online website and offline creative showroom, and you will surprise. 3. Showroom: See Scan Shop in Our Showroom Come visit our creative showroom and get a free gift. You can explore the products on 22” touch screens. You can scan and shop with your mobile phone. You can enjoy a comfortable showroom, not a warehouse. You can also see the quality. 4. B2C2B: We Have Special Teams For Business We have a special team for business customers, and we offer VIP price and service. We welcome construction builders, distributors, retailers…You can also enjoy the free Homestyler design. 5. Service: Free Shipping For Delivery and Return We are building our delivery network now. When it is done in the near future, we will offer the unique service to customers rather than any competitors: We deliver to you with no shipping fee, and we collect your returns also free of your cost. 6. Security: Safe and Secure Guaranteed We emphasize your personal information. We emphasize your payment information. We have taken the technology to protect all of your information secure. Your security is our security. We have no choices to guarantee safe and secure.
8050 Blvd Taschereau, Local A, Brossard, QC Brossard (Quebec) J4X 1C2
TEL. 1,450-672-8787
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15 rue main
FAX. 819 884 - 1107
TEL. 819 884 - 2198
TEL. 514 803-2525
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